101 It would help if you could try to speak a little slower.请你尽量放慢说话速度。

    102 Could you please explain the premises of your argument in more detail?你能详细说明你们的论据吗?

    103 It will help me understand the point you are trying to make.这会帮助我了解你们的重点。

    104 We cannot proceed any further without receiving your thoughts with respect to the manner of payment.我们如果不了解你们对付款方式的意见,便不能进一步检讨。

    105 Actually, my interest was directed more towards what particular markets you foresee for our product.事实上,我关心的是贵公司对我们产品市场的考量。

    106 We really need more specific information about your technology.我们需要与贵公司技术相关更专门的资讯。

    107 Our project must proceed at a reasonably quick tempo. Surely one month is ample time, isn't it?这个计划必须尽速进行。一个月的时间应该够了吧?

    108 I will try, but no promises.

    109 I could not catch your question. Could you repeat it, please?我没听清楚你们的问题,你能重复一次吗?

    110 The following answer is subject to official confirmation.以下的答案必须再经过正式确认才有效。

    111 Let me give you an indication.我可以提示一个想法。

    112 Please remember this is not to be taken as final.请记得这不是最后的回答。

    113 Let's imagine a hypothetical case where we disagree.让我们假设一个我们不同意的状况。

    114 Just for argument's sake, suppose we disagree.为了讨论各种情形,让我们假设我方不同意时的处理方法。

    115 There is no such published information.没有相关的出版资料。

    116 Such data is confidential.

    117 I am not sure such data does exist.我不确定是否有这样的资料存在。

    118 It would depend on what is on the list.这要看列表内容。

    119 We need them urgently.

    120 All right. I will send the information on a piecemeal basis as we acquire it.好。我们收齐之后会立即寄给你。

    121 I'd like to introduce you to our company. Is there anything in particular you'd like to know?我将向你介绍我们的公司,你有什么特别想知道的吗?

    122 I'd like to know some information about the current investment environment in your country?我想了解一下贵国的投资环境。

    123 I'd like to know something about your foreign trade policy.我非常想了解有关贵国对外贸易的政策。

    124 It is said that a new policy is being put into practice in your foreign trade.据说你们正在实施一种新的对外贸易政策。

    125 Our foreign trade policy has always been based on equality and mutual benefit and exchange of needed goods.我们的对外贸易政策一向是以平等互利、互通有无为基础的。

    126 We have adopted much more flexible methods in our dealings.我们在具体*作方法上灵活多了。

    127 We have mainly adopted some usual international practices.我们主要采取了一些国际上的惯例做法。

    128 You have also made some readjustment in your import and export business, have you?你们的进出口贸易也有一些调整,对吗?

    129We are sure both of us have a brighter future.我们相信双方都有一个光明的前景。

    130 How would you like to proceed with the negotiations?你认为该怎样来进行这次谈判呢?

    131 Perhaps you've heard our product's name. Would you like to know more about it?也许你已听说过我们产品的名称,你想知道更多一点吗?

    132 Let me tell you about our product.关于产品一事让我向你说明。

    133 This is our most recently developed product.这是我们最近开发的产品。

    134 We'd like to recommend our new home health monitor.我们想推荐我们新的家庭健康监测器。

    135 That sounds like the product we had in mind.那种产品好像就是我们所想要的。

    136 I'm sure you'll be pleased with this product.我敢保证你会喜欢这种产品的。

    137 I'm really positive that this product has all the features you have always wanted.我确信这种产品有各种你所要的款式。

    138 I strongly recommend this product.我强力推荐这种产品。

    139 If I were you, I'd choose this product.如果我是你,我就选择这种产品。

    140 We've already had a big demand for this product.这种产品我们已有很大的需要求量。

    141 This product is doing very well in foreign countries.这种产品在国外很畅销。

    142 Our product is competitive in the international market.我们的产品在国际市场上具有竞争力。

    143 Let's move on to what makes our product sell so well.让我来说明是什么原因使我们的产品销售得那么好。

    144 Good. That's just what we want to hear.很好,那正是我们想要听的。

    145 The distinction of our product is its light weight.我们产品的特点就是它很轻。

    146 Our product is lower priced than the competition.我们产品价格低廉,具有竞争力。

    147 Our service, so far, has been very well-received by our customers .到目前为止,顾客对我们的服务质量评价甚高。

    148 One of the real pluses of this product is that it is of very high quality and of compact size.这种产品的真正优点之一就是高质量和小体积。

    149 Could we see the specifications for the X200?我们可以看一下X200型的详细规格吗?

    150 Certainly. And we also have test results that we're sure you'd be interested to read.当然,同时我们也有测试结果,我们相信你们会有兴趣看的。

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