151 How about feed-back from your retailers and consumers?你们的零售商和消费者的反映怎样?

    152 We have that right here in this report.在这份报告书内就有。

 153 Could you tell me some more about your market analysis?请你多告诉我一些你们的市场分析好吗?

    154 Yes, our market analysis tells us our prime user will be between 40 and 60.好的,我们的市场分析告诉我们,我们产品主要的使用者年龄将在40至60岁。

    155 How soon can you have your product ready?你们多久才可以把产品准备好呢?

    156 We certainly expect our product to be available by October 1.我们的产品在可在10月1日前准备好。

    157 How did you decide that product was safe?你怎样决定产品是安全的呢?

    158 What's the basis of your belief that the product is safe?你凭什么相信产品是安全的?

    159 I'd like to know how you reached your conclusions.我想知道你们是如何得出结论的。

    160 Why don't we go to the office now?为何我们现在不去办公室呢?

    161 I still have some questions concerning our contract.就合同方面我还有些问题要问。

    162 We are always willing to cooperate with you and if necessary make some concessions.我们总是愿意合作的,如果需要还可以做些让步。

    163 If you have any comment about these clauses, do not hesitate to make.对这些条款有何意见,请尽管提,不必客气。

    164 Do you think there is something wrong with the contract?你认为合同有问题吗?

    165 We'd like you to consider our request once again.我们希望贵方再次考虑我们的要求。

    166 We'd like to clear up some points connected with the technical part of the contract.我们希望搞清楚有关合同中技术方面的几个问题。

    167 The negotiations on the rights and obligations of the parties under contract turned out to be very successful.就合同保方的权利和义务方面的谈判非常成功。

    168 We can't agree with the alterations and amendments to the contract.我们无法同意对合同工的变动和修改。

    169 We hope that the next negotiation will be the last one before signing the contract.我们希望下一交谈判将是签订合同前的最后一轮谈判。

    170 We don't have any different opinions about the contractual obligations of both parties.就合同双方要承担的义务方面,我们没有什么意见。

    171 That's international practice. We can't break it.这是国际惯例,我们不能违背。

    172 We are prepared to reconsider amending the contract.我们可以重新考虑修改合同。

    173 We'll have to discuss about the total contract price.我们不得不讨论一下合同的总价格问题。

    174 Do you think the method of payment is OK for you?你们认为结算方式合适吗?

    175 We are really glad to see you so constructive in helping settle the problems as regards the signing of the contract.我们很高兴您在解决有关合同的问题上如此具有建设性。

    176 Here are the two originals of the contract we prepared.这是我们准备好的两份合同正本。

    177 Would you please read the draft contract and make your comments about the terms?请仔细阅读合同草案,
并就合同各条款提出你的看法好吗?]178 When will the contract be ready?合同何时准备好?

    179 Please sign a copy of our Sales Contract No.156 enclosedhere in duplicate and return to us for our file.请会签第156号销售合同一式两份中的一份,将它寄回我方存档。

    180 The contract will be sent to you by air mail for your signature.合同会航邮给你们签字。

    181 Don't you think it necessary to have a close study of the contract to avoid anything missing?你不觉得应该仔细检查一下合同,以免遗漏什么吗?

    182 We have agreed on all terms in the contract. Shall we sign it next week?我们对合同各项条款全无异议,下周签合同如何?

    183 We had expected much lower prices.我们希望报价再低一些。

    184 They are still lower than the quotations you can get elsewhere.这些报价比其他任何地方都要低得多。

    185 I can show you other quotations that are lower than yours.我可以把比贵公司报价低得多的价目表给你看看。

    186 When you compare the prices,you must take everything into consideration.当你在考虑对比价格时,首先必须把一切都要考虑进去。

    187 I can assure you the prices we offer you are very favorable.我敢保证我们向你提供的价位是合理的。

    188 I don't think you'll have any difficulty in pushing sales.我认为你推销时不会有任何困难。

    189 But the market prices are changing frequently.但是市场价格随时都在变化。

    190 It's up to you to decide.

    191 The demand for our products has kept rising.要求定购我们产品的人越来越多。

    192 How long will your offer hold good?一般你们报盘的有效期是多长?

    193 We have new methods like compensation trade and joint ventrue.我们有补偿贸易和合资经营。

    194 I think a joint venture would be beneficial to both of us .我认为合资经营对双方都是有利的。

    195 Please give us your proposal if you're ready for that.如果你们愿意做合资经营,请提出你的方案。

    196 Please go over it and see if everything is in order.请过目一下,看看是否一切妥当。

    197 Do you have any comment on this clause.你对这一条款有何看法?

    198 Don't you think we should add a sentence here like this?难道你不觉得我们应该在这儿加上一句话?

    199 If one side fails to observe the contract,the other side is entitled to cancel it.如果一方不履行合同协议,另一方则有权终止合同。

    200 The loss for this reason should be charged by the side breaking the contract.造成的损失必须由毁约方承担。

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