《走遍美国》(Family Album, U.S.A.)是一套与众不同的英语教材。


  不同中于一般所谓“情景对话”的教材。《走遍美国》(Family Album, U.S.A.)是以“电视影集”的形式呈现的。这种形式, 原出版者美国麦克米伦公司(Maxwell Macmillan International Publishing Group),在美国新闻总署(U.S. Information Agency)协助之下,对全世界105个国家的英语教学者广泛咨询之后才决定的。这105个国家的近万英语老师和他们的学生一致认为电视剧情节感人,最能吸引学习者的兴趣。因此,麦克米伦公司和它的数十位专家们,就把这套教材编成26集的电视连续剧,每集分三幕,组成一个完整的故事,而一集与一集之间,又能脉络一贯。故事围绕着一个典型的美国家庭四代人生活展开,具有常有的人情味,依永的幽默感。

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走遍美国第40集 中英文文本对照

You like living in New York, don't you? 你喜欢住在纽约,是吗?
Oh, I love it. 噢,我喜欢住在纽约。
It's so convenient. 一切都很方便。
I can take the bus to work ... 我可以坐公共汽车上班……
or the subway ... 或者搭地铁……
or a taxi. 或者坐计程车。
And there's so much to do. 而且这儿总是有许多事可做。
Lots of movie houses, and the theater. 很多电影院,还有剧院。
I know what you mean. 我懂得你的意思。
I'd like to live in the city, 我也喜欢住在这。
but living in New Jersey and the suburbs 但住在New Jersey和郊区
is better for Michelle. 对 Michelle会好些。
Trees, grass. 有绿树,有草地。
There's a lot of good things about suburban living. 郊区生活是有许多优点。
I grew up in Riverdale, remember? 你记得吗,我就是在Riverdale长大的?
So I know. 所以我了解这些。
But, as a working woman, 但是就职业妇女来讲,
I think New York has all the conveniences-- 我觉得纽约具备了一切便利的条件。
including the best tomatoes. 包括上好的西红柿。
The truth is, I'd like to live in the city. 老实说我也想住到城里来。
Michelle's the right age. Michelle正处于成长的年龄。
There are lots of things for her here. 这里有许多适合她的东西。
You're right, Harry. 你说的对,Harry。
Today is the perfect example. 今天就是一个很好的例子。
Michelle and her friends are at the aquarium in Brooklyn. Michelle和她的朋友们在参观Brooklyn的水族馆。
They come back here for lunch, 他们回到这儿来吃午饭。
then go uptown to the Museum of Natural History. 然后再往北去自然历史博物馆。
There's so much for young people to see and do. 这儿有很多可供年轻人看和做的事情。
It's just incredible! 简直是难以置信!
Not just for young people. 不仅仅对年轻人来说是这样。
What about me? 对我还不是一样?
I've never been to the aquarium 我从来没有去过水族馆
or the Museum of Natural History. 或自然历史博物馆。
Have you?你呢?
Oh yes, Harry. 去过了,Harry。  
My mother and father 我父母
often took us somewhere in the city on the weekends. 经常在周末带我们去城里的一些地方。
Dad was a busy doctor, 爸爸是个很忙的医生,
but he usually managed to squeeze a Sunday in 但是他总会设法挤出星期天
with Richard, Robbie, and me. 和Richard, Robbie及我在一起。
I used to love to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 我过去很喜欢去大都会美术馆。
I've been there several times. 我到那儿去过好几次。
Twice with Michelle. 其中两次是和Michelle去的。
You ought to think about spending more time with Michelle  你应当考虑多花点时间陪Michelle
at all the great places in the city. 去城里所有的好地方看看。
Well, perhaps, 好的,也许,
you'll help me select some of the great places.你能帮我挑一些好地方。
And perhaps, you'll join us? 也许,你能跟我们一起去?
Perhaps I will. 也许我会吧。
Well, there we are. 好了,就这样了。
All set for lunch, Harry. 午餐的一切都准备好了,Harry。
It looks inviting. 它看起来很令人食欲大开。
I wish Michelle and her friends would get here. 我希望Michelle和她的朋友很快就到这儿。
I'm starving, aren't you? 我饿了,你呢?
I can't wait to take a bite of the pumpernickel. 我简直迫不及待想吃一口黑面包。
It smells so delicious. 它闻起来好香啊。
Coming! Coming! 来了!来了!
Who is it? 是谁呀?
Michelle. Michelle。
It's us, Susan. 是我们,Susan。
Come in, Michelle, 请进,Michelle。
and bring your friends along. 请带你的朋友们进来。
We're on the fifth floor. 我们在五楼。
Oh, you've been here before. 噢,你以前来过的。
Susan,   Susan,
I really appreciate 我真的很感谢
your doing this for Michelle and her friends.  你为Michelle和她的朋友们所做的这些。
Oh, please, Harry. 噢,别客气,Harry。
It's nothing. 这没什么。
I'm not just doing it for Michelle. 我不仅是为 Michelle做这些。
I'm doing it for you. 也是为你做的。
Thank you. 谢谢你。
I'm doing it for us, Harry. 我是为我们大家做的,Harry。
Well, 是的,
it's ... it's important for Michelle to see us together more often. 让Michelle看到我们更常在一起是……是很重要的。
That's true. 确实是这样。
It's important 这是很重要的。
for Michelle and me to get to know each other better. 让Michelle和我彼此更了解。
That's important for us. 这对我们很重要。
That makes me feel good. 那使我感到很高兴。
What, Harry? 什么,Harry?
What makes you feel good? 什么使你感到高兴?
Well, that you care about Michelle, 哦,我是说你关心Michelle,
that you care about me, and   关心我 ,而且
that you care about us. 关心我们大家。
Well, Harry, that's because I do. 哦,Harry ,那是因为我关心。
I do care. 我真的关心。
They'll be here any minute. 他们马上就到了。
Susan, I'd like to continue this conversation later. Susan ,我希望等一下能继续我们的谈话。
Of course, Harry. 当然可以 ,Harry。
We'll finish the conversation when they go to the museum. 他们去博物馆之后我们再聊。
I'd like that. 我很乐意。
So would I. 我也是。

I like living in the suburbs.
Living in New Jersey
in the suburbs
is better for Michelle.
Trees, grass.
We have a nice house with trees
in front of it and a backyard
for Michelle and her friends to play in.
It's a quiet neighborhood
where people like to take long walks.
The truth is,
I'd like to live in the city and Michelle's the right age.
There are lots of things for her here.
Like today, for example,
Michelle and her friends
went to the aquarium in Brooklyn
and then they went to the Museum of Natural History.
I'd love to go there myself.
We can look at the dinosaurs.
And Michelle likes the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
We went there together.
And Susan likes the museum too.
There's lots of things for us to do together in the city,
like going to the South Street Seaport.
Ah, we had such a good time there,
and Central Park.
Oh, what a beautiful ride we took in the park.
All those trees and the sunshine,
like the suburbs.
or we could go to the Central Park Zoo.
Michelle loves animals.
You ought to see there's so much to offer us,
so much for us to do together.
Maybe Michelle and I would like it here.
Maybe we would.

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