《走遍美国》(Family Album U.S.A)讲述了生活在纽约的斯图尔特(Stewart)一家三代的生活故事,通过教学节目中演员的出色表演,寓教于乐,妙趣横生,鲜活地展示了美国的风土人情和社会生活的方方面面。


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走遍美国第41集 中英文文本对照

Oh, Daddy! 噢,爸爸!
We had such a good time at the aquarium. 我们在水族馆玩得真开心。
I saw a real shark. 我看到一条真正的鲨鱼。
I could almost touch it. 我几乎可以摸到它。
I'm so glad. 我真高兴。
Hi. Michelle, 嗨,Michelle。
why don't you introduce everybody to Susan? 何不将她们每一位介绍给 Susan。
Hi, Susan. 嗨 ,Susan。
Hi. 嗨。
I'd like you to meet Audrey and her mother, Mrs. Cooper. 我来向你介绍 Audrey和她母亲,Cooper太太。
Hello, Audrey. 哈,Audrey。
Nice to meet you, Mrs. Cooper. 很高兴见到你Cooper太太。
I'm Susan Stewart. 我是 Susan Stewart。
And this is Shirley and Nicole. 这是 Shirley 和 Nicole。
Hi, girls. 嗨 ,女孩们好。
Come on in. 请进。
Come on in, Mrs. Cooper. 请进 ,Cooper太太。
Come on in, everybody. 大家请进来。
The aquarium was so exciting. 水族馆真的很好玩。
I had never been there before. 我以前从来没有去过那儿。
The girls learned a great deal. 女孩们学到了许多东西。
Frankly, so did I. 坦白说,我也是。
Well, please sit down 嗯 ,请坐下来
and tell us all about it during lunch. 一面吃午餐,一面告诉我们一切。
We prepared some tuna fish 我们准备了金枪鱼
and cheese sandwiches for lunch. 和奶酪三明治当午餐。
I love tuna fish. 我喜欢吃金枪鱼。
Don't you, Audrey? 喜欢吗, Audrey ?
I remember when I used to be a Girl Scout. 我记得我还是一名女童子军的时候。
My mother would take us everywhere, too. 我妈妈也是带我们各处走。
Susan, I understand you're in the toy business. Susan ,听说你是在玩具公司工作。
Yes, I am. 是的。
My company manufactures toys and games for children. 我们公司专为孩子们生产玩具和游戏器具。
Susan's vice-president in charge of new toys and games. Susan是主管新玩具和游戏器具的副总裁。
And the marketing of new toys and games. 还有新玩具和游戏器具的营销。
Can we test a new game for you, Susan? 我们可以帮你试验新游戏吗,Susan?
That's an excellent idea, Michelle. 这是个好主意,Michelle。
I happen to have 我这儿碰巧有一个
a game which I brought home to study. 我带回来研究的游戏。
Let us try it! 让我们试试吧!
Do you want to play? 你们想玩吗?
Nicole? Shirley? Audrey?    Nicole ?Shirley ?Audrey ?
We tested it last week on twelve- to fifteen-year-olds, 我们上一次曾在十二岁至十五岁的孩子中试过这项游戏,
and they found it to be too easy-- 他们发现字太简单---
in other words ... boring. 也就是说---无聊。
We think it might be just right for ten- to twelve-year-olds. 我们想它或许对十岁到十二岁大的孩子正合适。
That's us, Susan. 那正是我们,Susan。
First, you shuffle the deck 首先,你得洗一下牌
and lay them face down. 然后将牌盖住。
Then you select the leader. 然后,你们选出指挥。
I'll be the leader. 我来当指挥。
The leader takes the first ten cards 指挥拿出上面的十张
and lays them face up on this stand. 将它们掀开放在这个架子上。
h-t-e-r-c-z-e-p-e-s. h-t-e-r-c-z--e-p-e-s。
Everyone gets a turn, going counterclockwise, 每一个人按逆时针方向
left to right. 从左到右轮流玩。
You have thirty seconds to make a word, 你们有三十秒的时间造一个词,
using as many letters as possible. 尽可能多用字。
You get one point for each letter, 一个字母可得一分,
plus the person with the longest word gets ten extra points. 所造的字最长的人多得十分。
The first one to get one hundred points wins. 首先达到一百分的人赢。
That's easy. 那太容易了。
OK, let's go around the table. 好,让我们顺着桌子来。
You first, Audrey. 你先来 ,Audrey。
Chest--c-h-e-s-t. Chest---c-h-e-s-t。
Good. 好。
That's five points. 五分。
Next, Nicole. 下一位,Nicole。
Three--t-h-r-e-e. Three---t-h--r-e-e。
OK. 好。
That's five points also. 也是五分。
It's your turn, Shirley. 轮到你了,Shirley。
Creep--c-r-e-e-p. Creep---c-r--e-e-p。
Creep. Creep
That's another five-letter word. 又是五个字母的字。
Five points. 五分。
So far, you're all tied. 到现在为止,你们不分胜负。
Sheet--s-h-e-e-t. Sheet---s-h-e-e-t。
Sheet is a five-letter word. Sheet 是五个字母的单字
Michelle, your turn. Michelle ,该你了。
Cheese--c-h-e-e-s-e. Cheese---c-h-e-e-s-e。
Terrific! 好极了!
Michelle wins with a six-letter word, Michelle赢了,她的单字有六个字母,
plus she gets an additional ten points 加上另外的十分
for a total of sixteen points. 她一共得十六分。
How are you enjoying the game so far? 到现在为止你们喜欢这个游戏吗?
I think it's too easy. 我觉得它太简单了。
Too easy? 太简单?
Michelle! Michelle !
It's OK, Harry. 没关系,Harry。
Michelle is quite right. Michelle说得对。
She just said it's too easy. 她仅仅说它太容易了。
Well, I like the game. 哦 ,我喜欢这个游戏。
I enjoyed lunch, Susan. 这顿午餐真不错,Susan。
Thank you so much, 非常感谢你。
but we have to get going 但我们必须走了
to meet the rest of the troop at two o'clock at the museum. 我们得在两点钟到博物馆与其他童子军会合。
Oh, it was nice meeting all of you. 哦 ,很高兴见到各位。  
I hope you have a wonderful time 希望你们玩得开心
at the Museum of Natural History. 在自然历史博物馆。
Good-bye, everybody. 各位再见。
Have a good time. 玩得痛快。
Bye. 再见。
See you in front of the museum at five o'clock. 五点钟博物馆前再见。
Oh, OK. 噢 ,好的。
Thanks, Mr. Bennett. 谢谢 ,Bennett先生。
That'll be fine. 就这样说定了。
And thanks again for the lunch and for the game. 再次谢谢你们提供的午餐和游戏。
Good-bye, Susan. 再见, Susan。
It's not a bad game. 那游戏不错。
It's just ... slow. 只是……太慢了。
Just slow. 只是太慢了。
You helped save our company a lot of money. 你帮我们公司节约了许多钱。
Bye-bye. 再见。
You are wonderful with kids. 你对小孩子有一套。
I am. 的确这样。
Isn't there a conversation that we have to finish? 我们不是有话还没说完?

Hello, everybody!
It's time to play 'take my word.'
Here are the rules of the game.
We'll ask you to make some words from these letters.
We'll tell you how many letters
are in the word and we'll give you a clue.
Are you ready?
Let's begin.
You are looking for a word with 3 letters.
A 3 letter word.
Here's your clue "meow."
You have 5 seconds.
Time's up.
Who says "meow?"
A cat, of course.
Now another word.
It has 4 letters.
A 4 letter word.
Here's your clue--
Max is Susan's nephew,
so Susan is Max's what?
You have 6 seconds.
Your time is up.
Susan is Max's aunt.
Let's go on.
Another 4 letter word.
You can wear this when it's cold outside.
You have 6 sceonds.
Take my word.
All right.
What do you wear when it's cold outside?
Well, I don't know about you,
but I wear a coat.
Let's keep going.
A 3 letter word and here's your clue.
You can do it with scissors.
5 seconds.
Ladies and gentlemen.
You can use scissors to cut.
And now a word with 5 letters.
Here's your clue.
7 seconds.
Time's up.
The answer is, count.
You can count with your fingers.
And now, friends, for the last word.
You must use all 10 letters.
A 10 letter word and here's your clue.
What is Harry Bennett's occupation?
You have 8 seconds.
All right.
Harry Bennett is an accountant.
And that's all the time we have.
Thanks for playing 'take my word'.

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Susan's vice-president in charge of new toys and games. Susan是主管新玩具和游戏器
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