《走遍美国》这套教材体现了当代课程教学理论,其中最突出的是“交际教学法”(Communicative approach),尤其以“非语言交际”(Non-verbal communication)和“跨文化交际”(Cross-cultural communication)为其特点,前者通过剧中演员们的演技,把表情和体态语言发挥得淋漓尽致,使学习者有如面对美国人交谈的“临场感”,后者则接着美国文化与生活的单元,细述美国生活的形形色色,使学习者透过对美国文化和生活的体验,学到活生生的美国英语。

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走遍美国第62集 中英文文本对照

Hello. Hello there. Are you ready for lunch with your grandpa? 哈。哈。准备好跟你的祖父一起吃午饭?
Oh! Hi, Grandpa. Yes, of course, I am, but my mind isn't. 噢!嗨,爷爷。是的,当然,我准备好了,但是有点心烦。
What's the matter, Susan? 怎么了,Susan?
A real dilemma. 一个大伤脑筋的事。
Does it have anything to do with you and Harry? 是关于你和Harry的事吗?
Yes, but I don't know where to start. 是的,但我不知道从何说起。
Maybe I can help. Tell me what it is, Susan.,也许我能帮忙。说给我听听,Susan。
Thanks, Grandpa. Please sit down. 谢谢你,爷爷。请坐。
Oh! Harry has been offered a job in Los Angeles. 噢,有人聘请Harry到Los Angeles工作。
Well, this is something to think about. 噢,这种事确实需要想一想。
There are so many things to consider. There's Michelle. 要考虑的事太多了。首先是Michelle。
I wonder if a move would be a bad thing for her. And my job. 我不知道搬家对她来说是否是件坏事。还有我的工作。
I don't know if I can get a good job in Los Angeles. 我不知道我能否在Los Angeles找到好工作。
And what about our family? 另外就是我们家的人怎么办?
Can I tell you what I think? 让我来告诉你我的想法好吗?
Tell me. 告诉我吧。
I think that you're very successful 我认为你事业有成
and that you have a fantastic reputation in the toy industry. 而且在玩具界有很好的声誉。
I think you could talk to Mr. Marchetta, 我想你可以跟Marchetta先生谈谈,
and I think 我觉得
he could help you find a real good job in Los Angeles. 他能够帮你在Los Angeles找个很好的工作。
He was very helpful to me, remember? 他帮过我大忙,你记得?
I suppose I could call him. 我想我可以打个电话给他。
But I'm not so sure that I want to leave New York, 但我不能确定我真想离开纽约,
you, and the rest of our family. 你,和我们家的其他人。
Well, I'm not going to kid you, Susan. 噢,我可不想哄你,Susan。
You know we'd all miss you. 你知道我们都会思念你。
But this should be your decision. 但这必须由你做决定。
It's something that only you and Harry can work out. 这件事只有你和Harry才能定夺。
If moving to L.A. is in Harry's best interest, 假如搬到L.A.对Harry最有利的话,
I have to do what I can do to support him. 我就应该尽我的力量来支持他。
In every marriage, 在婚姻中,
sacrifices have to be made by one partner from time to time. 总要有一方必须不时做些调整。
And what about Michelle? 那Michelle怎么办?
Well, what do you think? 嗯,你觉得怎样?
I think Michelle is better off staying where she is. 我觉得Michelle呆在原地比较好。
What does she think? 她怎么想呢?
I don't know for sure. 我不太清楚。
Well, you'll have to ask her. 噢,应当问问她。
I think I'm going to have a talk with Mr. Marchetta  我想我要跟Marchetta先生谈谈
and get his feelings about my leaving. 征求他关于我离开的意见。
And about helping me find a job in Los Angeles. 请他帮我在Los Angeles找一份工作。
Good idea. 好主意。
I'll call him right now. No point in delaying. 我现在就打给他。没有道理拖拉。
Thanks, Grandpa. 谢谢你,爷爷。
Harry, it's the perfect job for you. You'll love it. Harry,那是最适合你的工作。你会喜欢的。
It's a big decision for me, Bill. 这对我来说是个大决定,Bill。
And I have to discuss it with my wife. 我必须跟我的太太讨论。
I don't know if it's right for her. 我不知道这事对她是否恰当。
She'll love it. It's a once-in-a-lifetime offer, Harry. 她也会喜欢的。这是个千载难逢的机会, Harry。
OK. Tell it to me again. 好吧。再说给我听听。
The company is Craft and Craft, 这家公司叫Craft and Craft ,
the biggest accounting company in the country. 是全国最大的会计公司。
I know the company well. It's big. 这家公司我很清楚。是大公司。
The biggest. 最大的。
Yeah, yeah. The biggest. When do I have to let you know? 是的,是的。最大的。我什么时候该给你回音?
Talk it over. Think it over. Let me know by the end of the week. 好好地谈一谈。好好地想一想。这个周末以前让我知道你的决定。
When would we have to move? 什么时候我们得搬家?
As soon as possible. 越快越好。
I also have my daughter to consider. 我还要考虑我女儿。
I don't want to interrupt her school year. 我不愿意打断她这个学年。
Let me know by the end of the week. 这个周末前给我回音。
It's a great opportunity for you, Harry. 这对你是个大好机会,Harry。
Believe me. 相信我。
I know. 我知道。
Craft and Craft is the biggest in the country. Craft and Craft是全国最大的。
Yeah, I know. The biggest. 是的,我知道。最大的
I think Michelle is asleep now. Let's talk. 我想Michelle现在睡着了。让我们谈谈吧。
I met with Bill York today. 今天我跟Bill York会面了。
And I talked with Mr. Marchetta. Did York make the offer? 我也和Marchetta先生谈了。York是否跟你谈那个工作机会?
Yup. He asked me if I want the job. 是的。他问我要不要接受那份工作。
That's exciting, Harry. What was it? 太令人兴奋了,Harry。是什么样的工作?
A vice-presidency 副总裁
with the biggest accounting company in the country-- 全国最大的会计公司---
Craft and Craft. Craft and Crraft。
Aren't you excited about that? 你不感到兴奋?
Sure I am. But there's so much more to consider. 我当然兴奋。但是还有那么多问题需要考虑。
I talked to Mr. Marchetta. 我跟Marchetta先生谈了。
What did he say? Did you tell him about me? 他怎么说?
Of course, Harry. I want what's best for you, 当然,Harry。我要的是对你最有利的事,
and I think I can get a good job 而且我想我也可以找到一份好工作
through Mr. Marchetta 通过Marchetta先生的帮助
in Los Angeles also. 在Los Angeles。
You're kidding. 你在说笑吧。
No, I'm not kidding. 不,我不是在说笑。
I talked with him, and he understands completely. 我与他谈了,他完全了解。
He has a major toy buyer in Los Angeles, 他在Los Angeles有一个玩具大买主,
and he's pretty sure that I can get a good job there. 他相当肯定我可以在那儿弄到一份好工作。
Unbelievable! 真不敢相信!
But I think we should talk to Michelle about all of this. 但我认为我们应该跟Micelle谈谈这整件事。
You're right. We'll talk to her about it. 说得对。我们要跟她谈谈。
And how do you feel about taking the job in Los Angeles? 你对于到Los Angeles接受这份工作有何感想?
How should I feel? 我该作何感想?
It's the biggest company in the country. 它是全国最大的公司。
Well, then you feel good about taking it? 嗯,那你觉得接受它很对?
Well ... I feel fine about it. Why shouldn't I? 嗯……我觉得不错。为什么不呢?

Harry, it's the perfect job for you.
You'll love it.
It's a big decision for me, Bill.
And I have to discuss it with my wife.
Is moving away to Los Angeles
a good idea for susan?
Is it right for her?
I don't know if it's right for her.
What does Susan think?
What is she asking herself?
The question is ...
Can I get a good job in Los Angeles?
I don't know if I can get a good job
in Los Angeles.
And what about Michelle?
Would Michelle like to move?
or would a move be a bad thing for her?
I wonder
if a move would be a bad thing for her.
So Harry, do you want the job?
That's the question.
Hmmm, do I want the job?
He asked me if I want the job.
So what do you think?
Will Harry take the job?
I don't know if he'll take the job.

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