A: Would you like to go through our factory some time?
      B: That's a good idea.
      A: I can set up a tour next week.
      B: Just let me know which day.

      A: thank for coming today.
      B: I'll wanted to see your factory for a long time.
      A: we can start any time you're ready.
      B: I'm all set.
      A: The tour should last about an hour and a half .
      B: I'm really looking forward to this.
      A: We can start over here.
      B: I'll just follow you.

      A: Please stop me if you have any question.
      B: I well.
      A: Duck your head as you go through the door there.
      B: Thank you.
      A: You'll have to wear this hard hat for the tour.
      B: This one seems a little small for me.
      A: Here, try this one.
      B: That's better.

      A: That's the end of the tour.
      B: It was a great help to me.
      A: Just let me know if you want to bring anyone else.
      B: I'd like to have my boss go through the plant some day.
      A: I'd like to see your showroom.
      B: Do you know where it is?
      A: No, I don't.
      B: I'll have the office send you a map.

      A: I'm hoping to get to your showroom.
      B: When might you go?
      A: I was thinking about next Tuesday.
      B: I'll meet you there, shall we say about eleven o'clock.
      a: Welcome to our showroom.
      B: Thank you, I'm glad to be here.
      A: Is there anything I can show you.
      B: I think I'd like to just look around .

      A: Where can we see your complete line?
      B: We have a showroom in this city.
      A: I'd like to see it.
      B: Drop by anytime.
      A: Is this your first visit to our showroom.
      B: Yes ,it is .
      A: Can I show you around.
      B: That would be nice of you .

      A: Be sure to call me if you need anything .
      B: Where are your smaller computers?
      A: Over there, near the back.
      B: Thanks . I see them now .
      A: This is our latest product .
      B: When is it going to be on the market?
      A: It will be out next month .
      B: Could I have this sample free of charge?

      A: I'd like to take these catalogs with me .
      B: Sure . go right ahead .
      A: And I want these price lists as well.
      B: Please take whatever you like .
      A: How is the product selling ?
      B: It's selling well .
      A: What are the selling points of your product ?B: Compared with competing
      products , ours is smaller and lighter.

      A: I 'm not sure how this works.
      B: Would you like me to demonstrate it for you?
      A: Can you ?
      B: Sure .no problem at all.
      A: Anything particular you're interested in ?
      B: I'm very much interested in your personal computers.
      A: Well, this is our latest catalog.
      B: We'll order after we see the sample.

      A: We're having a special showing next week in our showroom.
      B: What do you mean by special?
      A: It will be by special invitation only.
      B: Please make sure I get an invitation.
      A: We hope you enjoyed the visit to the showroom.
      B: Yes ,it helped me out a lot.
      A: Would you be kind enough to sign our visitors' book ?
      B: I'd be happy to .

      A: We have this item in three price levels .
      B: We need the best possible quality.
      A: That means the A-24.
      B: I see ,that's what we will order.

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