A: I'm calling about mistake on our last invoice .
      B: What was it ?
      A: We should have been given the large quantity price .
      B: Yes ,that is absolutely right .

      A: Doesn't the quantity discount apply on this order ?
      B: No ,I'm sorry ,but it doesn't.
      A: Why not?
      B: Because these items are from different shipments.

      A: We can make the price lower if you would order a bit more .
      B: How much more ?
      A: Just three more cases .
      B: I think we can do that .
      A: I have the quotations you asked for .
      B: Good ,we've been looking for them .
      A: I'll leave them for you to look over .
      B: I'll give you a call when we are ready to talk about them .
      B:好啊 ,我们一直等着看呢。

      A: Were you able to quote on all the items we need ?
      B: No, not all of them .
      A: Oh ?why not ?
      B: We aren't able to supply the third ad fifth items .
      A: Here are the quotations that you asked for .
      B: How do they compare to last year's ?
      A: The price increases haven't been too bad at all .
      B: That's good to hear .let's take a look at your prices .

      A: I have a question about this quotation you submitted .
      B: What is it ?
      A: The third item has been omitted .
      B: Oh ,yes .we don't carry that item anymore .
      A: What is the deadline for submitting the quotation ?
      B: We need it in our office by next Monday .
      A: I think we'll able to make that .
      B: Good .we can't extend the deadline .

      A: We'd like a chance to bid on this business.
      B: We'll be taking quotations next month .
      A: Will you let us have the specifications ?
      B: Sure ,just drop in my office some time and pick them up .
      A: Can you tell me why our bid was not accepted?
      B: I think you were a little too high on some of the items .
      A: On which ones ?
      B: You're perfectly welcome to inspect the winning bid .

      A: Was our bid accepted ?
      B: No ,I 'm sorry .it wasn't .
      A: Can you tell me why ?
      B: Sorry ,but I'm not at liberty to reveal that information.
      A: Congratulations ! your bid has won .
      B: I'm glad to hear that .
      A: When can you come around to discuss some details with us ?
      B: I'll be there next Monday at noon .

      A: What is your best price on this item ?
      B: $24.95 per hundred pieces
      A: That will be fine with us .
      B: Fine . I'll start the paperwork for your order right away .
      A: Can we expect the same price as last time ?
      B: Oh ,yes ,no problem about that.
      A: Good ,we'll be ordering in just a few days.

      A: This price is quite a bit higher than it was last time .
      B: We're sorry ,but we 've had a slight price increase here .
      A: Slight ?I wouldn't call this slight .
      B: We've had to increase our prices on this item by just 8%.
      A: We think the price in item number five is too high .
      B: That's about the best we can do on that .
      A: We'll have to talk it over some more .
      B: Let's see if we can work it out to your satisfaction .

      A: I'm sorry ,but we have a problem here .
      B: What is it ?
      A: We can't handle these price increase of yours .
      B: Let's talk about it some more .
      A: Are these new prices acceptable ,then?
      B: I'll have to check with my boss.
      A: I'm sure you'll find that we are very competitive now .
      B: I'll let you know as soon as I get an answer .

      A: I don't think we'll be able to pay these price.
      B: We may be able to work out a better deal for you .
      A: Such as ?
      B: We can give you a discount if you order for immediate shipment .
      A: We're not going to be able to get together on price .
      B: Why not ?
      A: Your bid is much higher than your competitor's .
      B: I'll check back with by head office for you .
      A: I've got good news .
      B: What is it ?
      A: The head office agreed to the lower price you asked for .
      B: Good .now we can go ahead and write up the order .
      A: What are your discount terms ?
      B: We give a 2% discount for cash .
      A: Is that all ?
      B: Yes ,that is the best we can do .

      A: What are your discount terms ?
      B: 2-10-net-30 .
      A: Let 's see ,that means a 2% discount if paid within ten days.
      B: Yes , and full payment is due within 30 days.
      B:2-10-net -30
      A: I'm glad that you could see me today .
      B: Yes ,we only have one more item to take care of .
      A: That's right .we have to work out the final price .
      B: It's time to get down to business now . A:真高兴你今天能来。

      A: We're Ready To Place Our order .
      B: Glad to hear that .
      A: Can I give it to you now ?
      B: I'm all ears .

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